The Hub

The Climate System Hub was established in 2020-21 under phase 2 of the Australian Government’s National Environmental Science Program. The Hub will run until 2027.

The Climate Systems Hub will provide research to advance the understanding of Australia’s climate, its extremes and associated drivers. This research will directly inform climate adaptation solutions for Australia.

The Climate Systems Hub is hosted by CSIRO and is a partnership of Australia’s leading climate change research institutions:

Our Vision

  • Enhanced national climate resilience
    Enhanced national climate resilience

    The Climate Systems Hub aims to help shape national climate resilience by building a climate research program with practical on-ground results, integrated across broader risk and resilience initiatives for Australia. The Hub provides an opportunity to further develop Australia’s climate science capability while working directly with adaptation practitioners.

  • Co-designed research
    Co-designed research

    The Climate Systems Hub will encourage strong, continued and embedded co-design between researchers, practitioners, Indigenous Australians, data-users and decision-makers to establish collaborative partnerships and ensure our science directly informs decisions, policies and adaptation responses.

  • Indigenous Partnerships
    Indigenous Partnerships

    The Climate Systems Hub values and commits to strong, lasting and respectful partnerships with Indigenous Australians. These engagements encompass principles of Free Prior Informed Consent and Indigenous-lead and co-designed protocols. By enabling the integration of modern science and traditional culture and knowledge, the Hub aims to facilitate the provision of all communities with knowledge to protect country in the face of climate change.

  • Drive cross-NESP climate adaptation
    Drive cross-NESP climate adaptation

    The Climate Systems Hub will drive and undertake coordinated research across all four of the new NESP hubs through the cross-cutting Climate Adaptation Initiative. The Initiative will enable integrated adaptation research across the program to support evidence-based decision-making and improve Australia’s climate resilience.