Our Climate Adaptation Initiative focuses on empowering those on the front lines of climate change to take action through informed decision-making. This means bringing together interdisciplinary researchers, specialists, and decision makers to inform tangible, real world decisions.

Partnering with AdaptNSW, the Climate Systems Hub delivered a 2 day Adaptation Forum in Sydney on 1-2 of November 2022. Day 1 focused on national best practice adaptation, you can see the presentations below. This included examples of best practice adaptation, advice on science to inform policy, examples of global adaptation initiatives with IPCC authors, and an opportunity to network with adaptation specialists from across the country. The program was designed to connect researchers, practitioners, and policymakers, to share ideas and address the challenges of adapting to climate change.
Day 2 focused on the work of AdaptNSW, you can access the presentations here.

A selection of our Day 1 presentations can be found here:

Day 1: Morning Sessions

Adaptation, hopefully
Jon Barnett

Creating a climate ready Sunshine Coast
Gillian Smith









Breakout Session: What are we adapting to?

History and evolution of climate projections
Michael Grose

Applying climate change projections to water management
Jaqueline Bellhouse








Breakout Session: Adapting on the Coast

Future projections of sea level rise and the implications for our coasts
Nathan Bindoff

Negotiating a self funded seawall
Robyn Birkett








Breakout Session: Adapting to conservation

Adaptation for protected places
Jess Melbourne-Thomas

Adaptation planning for climate-driven species redistribution Greta Pecl


Victoria’s Natural Environment Adaptation Plan 2022-2026
Lis Ashby


Breakout Session: Healthy living in a hot world

Developing planning guidance for Queensland’s health and hospital services
Jean Palutikof


Breakout Session: Partnership for Adaptation

Resilient Asset Management Project (RAMP)

Stefan Caddy-Retalic

Supporting our communities to get climate ready

Dona Cayetana






Program to lead and coordinate climate science

Helen Cleugh

National Climate Scenarios

Chris Lee











Breakout Session: Nature-based solutions for adaptation

Building adaptive capacity of the Great Barrier Reef

Stewart Lockie

A long-term nature based vision to accelerate systems

Ingrid Conine






Living Shorelines Australia

Rebecca Morris

Seabirds to seascapes

Melanie Bishop











Breakout Session: Adapting on Country

Adapting on Country
Djarra Delaney

Adapting on Country
Raelene Ward








Breakout Session: What’s our message?

Answering children’s questions about climate change
Gabi Mocatta

A national strategy for just adaptation
Kate Nairn







Energy and Climate Change: NSW Treasury
Catherine Kerr