Indigenous Partnerships

The Climate Systems Hub values and commits to strong, lasting and respectful partnerships with Indigenous Australians. These engagements encompass principles of Free Prior Informed Consent and Indigenous-led and co-designed protocols. This will ensure our research will respect and value cultural protocols and safety.

The Hub’s co-development protocols were seeded at the National Indigenous Dialogue on Climate Change (November 2018) and the National First Nations People’s Gathering on Climate Change (March 2021). These co-designed and Indigenous led events, facilitated by the previous Earth Systems and Climate Change Hub, enabled the development of strong and respectful relationships with First Nation Peoples. We will continue to build these relationships, ensuring the principles of Indigenous leadership and co-design continue to evolve.

The Hub will also develop an engagement framework that encompasses the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) and ensures that two complex knowledge systems, modern science and ancient traditional culture, come together to provide all communities with knowledge to protect country in the face of climate change.