Looking back on the Earth Systems and Climate Change Hub

August 18, 2021

After six fruitful years of world-class climate change science and engagement activities, the Earth Systems and Climate Change (ESCC) Hub closes on 30 June.

The Hub grew and matured immensely over its lifetime, largely thanks to the researchers and staff across our partner organisations, with help from our stakeholders across governments, research, industry and the community.

Launched in 2015, we quickly positioned ourselves as a trusted source of information, capable of delivering important benefits to government, the private sector and the wider Australian community. We worked collaboratively with five other NESP-funded research hubs, supporting decision-makers to better understand, manage and conserve Australia’s environment.

From research into climate extremes, and climate variability and change, to global and regional carbon budgets – and delivering climate information into the hands of those who need it the most – we played a significant role in advancing the understanding and management of Australia’s changing and variable climate.

You can read more about our achievements in our landmark summary report, Climate change in a land of extremes: Earth Systems and Climate Change Hub (2015-2021).

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