Tahnee Burgess

Position: Communications and Media Officer
Email: Tahnee.Burgess@monash.edu.au

Tahnee Burgess is the Media and Communications Officer and is responsible for the effective communication of hub science. Working within the Monash Climate Change Communication Research hub, Tahnee brings experience in both climate science and communication.

Previously, Tahnee worked as a Project Development Officer for the MCCCRH and supported the incubation of interdisciplinary climate communication projects and authored a series of research reports into effective climate communication.  Tahnee also worked as a researcher on best practice climate change communication in the Pacific, on behalf of the Australian Pacific Climate Partnership, and with the CRC for Water Sensitive Cities specialising in social resilience to extreme weather events. Tahnee holds a Masters of Environment and Sustainability, specialising in Environmental Security as well as a double degree in Arts and Science.