Climate science to inform adaptation responses

The Climate Systems Hub undertakes research to advance the understanding of Australia’s climate and its extremes to support Australian decisions, policies and climate adaptation responses.

The Climate Systems Hub’s research portfolio includes a range of climate and Earth systems projects integrated across land, ocean and atmospheric research themes.

Our projects apply climate models, projections, process studies and observations analysis to enhance understanding of Australia’s current and likely future climate. This knowledge will be used alongside Traditional Knowledge and adaptation research to inform decision-making and improve Australia’s climate resilience.

In 2024 the Climate Systems Hub has 12 co-designed research projects underway. These projects have been scoped, planned and developed in collaboration with stakeholders. This co-design process will drive the Hub’s research directions, ensuring our research remains accessible, useable and relevant for Australian decision-makers and national and international researchers.

Our current projects

  • Enabling best practice adaptation
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  • Synthesis communication and data: Tailored information for stakeholders
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  • Adapt Land&Sea
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  • Adaptation planning approach for protected places
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  • Indigenous-led climate change knowledge and response: Indigenous perspectives on risk
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  • Regional climate change guidance for local action
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  • Extreme events explained
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  • Climate-effective management for threatened species and protected places
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  • Extreme climate: dry, wet, hot-and-dry
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  • Oceans and coasts: connecting climate variability and extremes across scales
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  • Transition to Net Zero
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  • Towards the next generation Earth System Model
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Our completed projects

  • Australia’s land and ocean carbon and acidification
    Tracking and quantifying carbon sources and sinks to inform mitigation and adaptation strategies. Learn More
  • Indigenous-led knowledge and response to climate change
    Working with Traditional Owners to supplement traditional knowledge and help communities to continue to care for Country. Learn More
  • Adapting to tomorrow’s climate
    Supporting decision-making and climate adaptation in response to climate change. Learn More
  • Preparing for emerging climate extremes
    Delivering improved information to better understand current and future climate extremes in Australia. Learn More
  • Modelling the future
    Enhancing capability to understand the past and future climate system. Learn More
  • The changing ocean’s coastal and climate impacts
    Understanding and predicting ocean and coastal change for better coastal management. Learn More
  • Understanding climate variability
    Improving knowledge, attribution and projections of extreme events and climate variability. Learn More
  • Understanding and connecting parallel climate knowledge of western systems and Ancient Lore
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  • Regional knowledge for local action
    Providing regional information relevant to local decision makers. Learn More