Enabling best practice adaptation

In a changing climate, adaptation is crucial for the well-being and prosperity of all Australians. Supported by solid decision-making frameworks, successful adaptation is built from the best available science and evidence.

Governments and organisations are increasingly considering future climate risks as part of the adaptation planning and implementation processes. To guide best practice and form a national picture of what works well, there is much to learn from plans and action already in progress.

This project will support the Climate Adaptation Initiative in answering important questions about Australia’s progress in climate adaptation. The hub will consider an extensive set of Australian adaptation planning and practical examples to understand what enables best practice. A set of principles will be developed to help adaptation practitioners including governments, conservation managers and communities. The principles will be tested and improved in partnership with on-ground practitioners to produce a guide of improved and new approaches.

In line with the Climate Adaptation Initiative, this project will inform approaches and case studies for conservation management, Indigenous-led activities, and local applications. The outcomes will be applicable across a broad range of sectors and will underpin the Initiative’s activities across research, synthesis and communication, and in supporting a community of practice.

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Enabling best practice adaptation

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