Synthesis communication and data: Tailored information for stakeholders

Climate information and data for decision-making in Australia is available through a range of online sites and portals. With such a quantity and diversity of sources, decision-makers need to be able to easily navigate and access the most relevant content for their purposes.

Research users need robust, trusted climate information and datasets that are readily understood and applicable. This project is working to review the available climate science, data, and information products, and to improve their relevance, useability, and accessibility.

In consultation with key research users, we will produce tailored communication products, climate literacy training, guidance, and advice on how to access and apply climate data and information. There will also be a single gateway to the wealth of climate information and adaptation guidance relevant to Australia’s environmental decision-making. This will enable stakeholders to find and understand what they need so they can evaluate and apply the most relevant information for best practice adaptation and good environmental outcomes.

This project will build the foundations for the ongoing delivery of synthesis and communication products across the Climate System Hub to maximise the impact of the hub’s science, activities, and outputs.

Want to know more?

Please contact the project leads Brad Murphy, Bureau of Meteorology and John Clarke, CSIRO

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