Adapt Land&Sea

A cross hub biodiversity adaptation knowledge platform.

The dual crises of biodiversity loss and climate change are imperilling many Australian species and ecosystems. Managers of our land and sea estates are facing challenges with how to best support biodiversity values into the future with many species and ecosystems struggling to respond to changes in their environment fast enough. Consequently, we are seeing more local extinctions, increases in invasive species, and the loss of important ecosystem services, like clean water.

Anticipating climate change impacts and identifying the best management approaches is a complex challenge and calls for careful adaptation planning supported by best available evidence. To help land and sea managers plan and undertake adaptation, the NESP Climate Systems Hub is coordinating across the NESP program to build a knowledge and adaptation guidance platform – Adapt Land&Sea.

This project will help land and sea managers plan and undertake adaptation through the development of an adaptation knowledge and guidance platform. The platform will offer step through guidance on the development of adaptation plans, information on understanding climate risks, and information on biodiversity adaptation options or interventions.

Adapt Land&Sea is part of the Climate Adaptation Initiative and is working across all four NESP Hubs deliver usable and accessible research outputs.

Want to know more?

Please contact the project lead Jenny Styger, University of Tasmania.