Adapting to tomorrow’s climate

Climate adaptation involves preparing for the adverse consequences of climate change while also gaining the advantages and opportunities these decisions and actions can bring.

Climate adaptation requires us to what we do, how we think and even our social values in response to actual or expected changes in the climate. It is an ongoing process, reliant on access to the best-available information to understand hazards, assess risk and vulnerability and support decision-making.

The Climate Systems Hub is driving climate adaptation research and activities to improve Australia’s adaptative capacity and resilience to climate change through the Climate Adaptation Initiative. We’re scoping and developing a strategic plan for the Initiative to make sure adaptation research and outputs are integrated across the National Environmental Science Program (NESP).

Through a co-design process that includes scoping reviews, analysis of user needs and consultation, we’re identifying and prioritising adaptation research to meet the aims of the Climate Adaptation Initiative. Along the way, we’re building strong connections between end-users, Indigenous partners, researchers and knowledge brokers. The co-designed approach will ensure our work is targeted, fit-for-purpose and builds on existing adaptation and climate change knowledge and capacity. This will result in strong end-user capacity, uptake and application of evidence-based information and management tools to support climate adaptation in Australia.

This project will develop the Climate Adaptation Initiative’s strategic plan, supported by a scoping study to identify opportunities to develop and deliver climate and adaptation information, tools and decision support products. Working with the other NESP hubs and the Department of Climate Change, Energy the Environment and Water, the project will also deliver capability building activities across NESP to build climate adaptation understanding and knowledge across the program.

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