Oceans and coasts: connecting climate variability and extremes across scales

Our coastal environments and oceans are changing. To manage future change, there is an increasing need to understand the connection between climate-driven deep ocean variability and observed and projected marine and coastal impacts. Access to authoritative and easily consumed data and information on sea-level change and coastal sea-level extremes, as well as marine heatwaves, is needed. This will support planning and decision-making including for management of coastal communities and infrastructure, social and cultural values, and ecosystems.

The project will explore past and future coastal and marine environmental change, including the influence of large-scale offshore processes on coastal environments and extreme events (such as sea-level extremes and marine heatwaves). It will work with stakeholders to determine how this knowledge, as well as oceanographic data, can be fit-for-purpose and empower decision-making. Updating products with more recent observations and adding new insights such as biogeochemical variables will improve data gaps. The project will continue engagement with stakeholders to co-design and deliver a set of products and tools to allow research users to assess observed impacts needing management.

The project will provide the robust baseline necessary to underpin biannual State of the Climate reporting, as well as allow managers and planners to assess the effectiveness of planned interventions for coastal protection and remediation or use and protection of marine resources.

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Please contact the project lead: Xuebin Zhang, CSIRO

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