Extreme events explained

Extreme events increasingly impact communities across Australia. While lived experience of weather and climate extremes is a powerful lens to understand how climate change and variability combine to impact communities, ecosystems, and infrastructure, contextualised climate information is needed to understand and manage risks for these extremes under a changing climate.

By studying past extreme events that have impacted environment, society, and infrastructure, this project will provide context around extremes on a range of timescales to understand why and how frequently they are happening. We will use multiple sources of evidence from innovative experiments and methods to produce a comprehensive toolkit which will increase confidence in projections of future pathways in regional climates over coming decades. Place-based, co-designed case studies will test and demonstrate the useability of the toolkit. Case studies will use a past extreme event to establish the likely natural variability and climate change effect and the responses to those events in driving risk response, thus providing managers and decision-makers with lived-experience examples. Other case studies will illustrate how variability or climate change contributed to the intensity of an extreme event.

This project will produce a comprehensive suite of co-designed products that describe the connection between climate drivers and climate change on extreme events to meet a range of identified stakeholder needs, across and beyond the hub.

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Please contact the project lead Pandora Hope, Bureau of Meteorology

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