Regional climate change guidance for local action

Decision-makers need regional and local scale information to prepare for climate hazards and extreme climate events. Current modelling approaches mean there are still high levels of uncertainty in the fine-scale projections needed for regional and local planning and adaptation.

This project will deliver enhanced methods, data, and understanding to increase confidence around changes to hazards and extreme events at regional to local scales. We will combine very fine-scale modelling with improved methods on key physical processes for hazardous phenomena (such as thunderstorms, bushfires, and tropical cyclones) to reduce the levels of uncertainty in fine-scale projections. We will use co-design principles throughout the project, initially with various levels of government and the environment sector, to inform the underpinning science development to connect stakeholder adaptation needs to the applied science. Co-design in later stages of the project will guide the development of tailored projections data and material for user-specific purposes.

The project will deliver up-to-date underpinning science and coordinated development and improvement of climate projection information and approaches to address needs for various and and across all levels of government.

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Hamish Ramsay, CSIRO and Jason Evans, University of NSW

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