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  • Adapting to tomorrow’s climate
    Supporting decision-making and climate adaptation in response to climate change. Learn More
  • Australia’s land and ocean carbon and acidification
    Tracking and quantifying carbon sources and sinks to inform mitigation and adaptation strategies. Learn More
  • Indigenous-led knowledge and response to climate change
    Working with Traditional Owners to supplement traditional knowledge and help communities to continue to care for Country. Learn More
  • Modelling the future
    Enhancing capability to understand the past and future climate system. Learn More
  • Preparing for emerging climate extremes
    Delivering improved information to better understand current and future climate extremes in Australia. Learn More
  • Regional knowledge for local action
    Providing regional information relevant to local decision makers. Learn More
  • The changing ocean’s coastal and climate impacts
    Understanding and predicting ocean and coastal change for better coastal management. Learn More
  • Understanding climate variability
    Improving knowledge, attribution and projections of extreme events and climate variability. Learn More
  • Enabling best practice adaptation
    Learn More
  • Synthesis communication and data: Tailored information for stakeholders
    Learn More
  • Understanding and connecting parallel climate knowledge of western systems and Ancient Lore
    Learn More
  • Indigenous-led climate change knowledge and response: Indigenous perspectives on risk
    Learn More
  • Regional climate change guidance for local action
    Learn More
  • Extreme events explained
    Learn More
  • Climate-effective management for threatened species and protected places
    Learn More
  • Extreme climate: dry, wet, hot-and-dry
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  • Oceans and coasts: connecting climate variability and extremes across scales
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  • Transition to Net Zero – emissions pathways and managing carbon
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  • Towards the next generation Earth System Model
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