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Knowledge Brokering – Bridging the gap between climate science and decision-making  

Knowledge brokers act as interpreters between the climate scientists and the decision-makers. They build partnerships to ensure research is co-designed and co-produced with the people that need it to inform their decisions.  


How can knowledge brokers help you?  

The Climate Systems Hub knowledge brokers can assist anyone from any state or territory to understand how potential changes to our future climate may impact their organisation, business or sector. We can work with you to identify knowledge gaps and to ensure your needs inform some of Australia’s leading climate research. This ensures the hub’s outputs are fit-for-purpose and enables your organisation to consider the latest science in your policies, planning and decisions, helping to build a climate resilient Australia. 


Interjurisdictional knowledge brokering team  

Stakeholders are demanding nationally comparable and robust, decision-ready information about climate change. This has caused an important shift towards government collaboration, through the Cross-Jurisdictional Community of Practice for Climate Science (CJ CoP CS). The CJ CoP CS was established by state, territory and the Australian governments in 2019 to enable all jurisdictions to collaborate and participate in better meeting the needs of climate science users.  

The success of this collaboration has delivered the first-ever interjurisdictional climate science knowledge brokering team. The Climate Systems Hub’s network of knowledge brokers across states and territories is strengthening the impact of the hub by shaping research to include state and territory perspectives and build a national picture of end-user requirements. 


Get in touch 

Our Climate Systems Hub knowledge brokers work across all states and territories. Contact us to find out how we can help you understand and apply climate information in your decision-making. 


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